Welcome to the Copy Cat

Cats are incredibly complex creatures. So much so that it’s difficult to understand them unless you are cat owner yourself. Even at that though, some of the deepest secrets cats hold remain elusive to cat lovers. Well, guess what? Web copy works the same way.

Web copy is incredibly complex. From the reader’s perspective, it is nothing more than a collection of words and sentences strung together to create a thought. What readers don’t know is how much work writers put into creating effective copy. They do not understand the subtleties, the nuances, or any of the little details that go into the written word.

As a web writer yourself, you are like the cat owner. You have a communication tool at your fingertips, a tool that can be used to accomplish great things. But you have to know its secrets. You have to know its subtleties and nuances. And you have to know that sometimes great web copy is effective for reasons you don’t fully understand.

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Different Kinds of Writing

What is web copy? That’s a good question that has been debated since the introduction of the commercial internet.

Web copy covers many different kinds of writing. Simply put, it is not just blog posts and pay-per-click ads. Web copy encapsulates all the written text found online. Here at Copy Cat, our goal is to familiarise you with every form of online writing including:

  • blog posts and news articles
  • informational and technical articles
  • white papers and case studies
  • press releases
  • ad copy, landing pages, etc.
  • social media posts
  • video scripts.

Our advice and information cover everything you need to know about effective copy writing. We cover:

  • grammar, spelling, and syntax
  • understanding your audience
  • writing in plain English style
  • employing different styles of writing
  • creating authority
  • improving your online reputation
  • writing for SEO benefits.

There is a lot of talent involved in being a great copywriter. But talent alone will not put and keep you at the top of your game. You need knowledge and skills as well. That is what Copy Cat is all about. We hope everything you find here is useful to furthering your career as a writer.